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Any research and procedure involving the brain will definitely benefit from Imeka’s powerful diffusion MRI tools for brain imaging, specifically white matter imaging. Proud to serve some of the biggest names in the pharma business, Imeka collaborates more and more with neurosurgeons and clinicians as well.

See how precise white matter imaging means changing healthcare professionals’ game, for good:

Beyond DTI

Learn more about the diffusion MRI technology we use and how we strive to shape the tools of the future

Free-water imaging

Learn more about neuroinflammation and how it could play a big role in a number of meaningful breakthroughs


Learn more about how fiber tractography can change patients’ outcome, and your outlook on their health

Fiber bundling

Learn more about the ins and outs of fiber bundling ( aka, making sense and giving purpose to complex brain imaging)

Artificial intelligence

Learn more about how to harness the very latest in technological advancements and efficiency

Through our core imaging lab, and under Maxime Descoteaux’s leadership, our Chief science officer, we provide outstanding service based on strong science.

Reaching quality results is not a slow process for us; our infrastructure can handle thousands of images at a time, our turnaround is quick and our output is always impressive efficiency. A perfect match to meet (and even surpass) the demands of the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors.

How does Imeka help during your clinical trials?

  • We can work with legacy data when applicable and available, as well as with public databases
  • We are compliant with part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21-CFR part 11) which pertains to electronic records and signatures. Imeka is committed to uphold a work methodology that is in-line with requirements in the industry
  • Our core imaging lab can be tailored to work with any other imaging CRO out there. We collaborate easily throughout data transfer, site qualification and results transfer