Imeka’s white matter imaging expertise is backed by deep learning tools.

These powerful tools allow for faster processing, which translates to reduced costs for the client. They are also more reliable than humans to produce accurate image segmentations. Imeka is clearly in perfect position to leverage recent technologies.

With one founder, Maxime Descoteaux, leading one of the top computational diffusion MRI labs in the world, the SCIL (Sherbrooke connectivity imaging lab), while another founder, Pierre-Marc Jodoin, is a world-expert in image segmentation and runs the VITAL lab (Videos & Images Theory and Analytics Laboratory) that is 100% focused on deep learning – based techniques.

Imeka is a direct spinoff of both labs, therefore we bring together world class white matter imaging and world class deep learning to offer the very best.

Save time and money, get better results

Imeka offers specific expertise that’s based on image segmentation using deep learning algorithms. Always centered around the brain’s white matter, these tools are very useful and complementary to our diffusion MRI:

A brain extraction tool (BET)

Useful for all image processing of the brain

A white matter hyperintensities segmentation tool (Alzheimer’s disease and aging)

Used to include or exclude the hyperintensities from the statistics about white matter neuroinflammation

A lesion segmentation tool (multiple sclerosis)

When used with our fiber bundling tool, can be used like traditional lesion segmentation tools for MS, which currently require manual methods. We can identify along which connection the lesions are located; pushing the analysis even further

A tumor segmentation tool that separates edema, necrosis and tumor (neurosurgery)

Can be used to identify the tissues that need to be removed and works in conjunction with our tractography and fiber bundling tool