Yes, Imeka’s unique software
does that. Automatically.

But first, why should bundling matter to you?

These sets of fibers connect specific regions of the brain, making the microstructure analysis along those bundles of very high interest in drug development.

Bundling also enables visualization of specific pathways to be avoided (or not) during a procedure, which is highly meaningful in neurosurgery.

Change your outlook on white matter.

Imeka is the only company to offer automated fiber bundle segmentation and analysis.

Start using our fiber bundling service today.

Fiber bundling is the logical extension of fiber tractography. Starting from a whole-brain tractography result, 33 white matter regions of interest are automatically segmented. It is virtual white matter dissection at your service. Fiber bundles can isolate sections such as the corpus callosum, the corticospinal tract and the optic radiation.

Save time, save patients

Planning neurosurgery in the best way possible demands not only precision in visualization, but also reliable landmarks that can be associated with specific pathways. By seeing white matter bundles near, around and through a tumor, the neurosurgeon can better plan his surgery and resect more tumor while making sure not to affect the function of the patient. This can lead to faster and better surgeries for the patient.

Tried and trueImeka has developed automated processing and rigorous quality control of results.