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Any research and procedure involving the brain will definitely benefit from Imeka’s powerful diffusion MRI tools for brain imaging, specifically white matter imaging.

Free-water as a proxy for neuroinflammationFree-water imaging based on diffusion MRI  is a fast and cost-effective method that can help understand neuroinflammation.

Imeka’s diffusion imaging tools are able to measure extracellular water fraction (free-water), which in turn can be a proxy for neuroinflammation.

Imeka’s infrastructure is used in clinical trial settings, for example, our team has worked on existing databases (ADNI, ADNI+, ADNI2, PPMI) and significant differences between normal, MCI and AD groups were observed based on this measure.

Axonal Death – Apparent Fiber Density (AFD)

Axonal death is a critical feature of many neurodegenerative disorders. As white matter experts, Imeka can help you map white matter micro structure features and therefore help you see better through the lesions.

With Imeka, you will be able to see lesion location, as well as which main fiber bundles are affected.

And, Imeka can characterize the tissue using AFD metrics to measure axonal death.

With High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging (HARDI), we can use Anisotropic Power metric to measure the loss of fiber population, potentially indicating the presence of demyelination. (See reference)


Imeka is your best ally when it comes to getting the most out of the science of imaging. Our fiber tractography technique, based on HARDI (high angular resolution diffusion imaging) instead of DTI (diffusion tensor imaging), makes a huge difference in the extent of what you can do with tractography and to the regions of white matter you can target via fiber bundling.

Using Imeka’s models, HARDI techniques can be employed on clinical data. No need for a HCP like acquisition protocol, 20 directions is usable.

Maxime Descoteaux, our founder and CSO, led a consortium that published a Nature Communications paper specifically on that matter.

Tractography and Bundling
Using HARDI modelling, Imeka’s tools generate tractography results that better recover the whole range of brain structures.

In most disease areas, analysis can be improved by using more local statistics, based on specific WM fiber bundles. Manual segmentation is cumbersome and error-prone. Imeka’s unique software automatically and robustly extracts 33 of the main WM fiber bundles.

Extracted bundles connect specific regions of the brain, enabling a more precise microstructure analysis along those bundles. This is extremely valuable for drug development and the assessment of the effects of a compound.

Imeka is the only company to offer automated fiber bundle segmentation and analysis.

Artificial intelligence proficiency
Imeka’s white matter imaging expertise is backed by deep learning tools.

These powerful tools allow for faster processing, which translates to reduced costs for the client.

Imeka offers specific expertise that’s based on image segmentation using deep learning algorithms. Always centered around the brain’s white matter, these tools are very useful and complementary to our diffusion MRI.