Together MIAC and Imeka

A partnership which combines medical expertise and image analysis with diffusion MRI & AI automation.

You will be able to run many studies in parallel, always reaching the best quality.

Present on 2 continents, (Sherbrooke, Canada; Cambridge, USA; Basel, Switzerland) to offer a worldwide network.

MIAC at a glance

MIAC is a CRO specialized on advanced image analysis modalities.

MIAC translates novel imaging and post-processing technologies from development to application in international clinical trials.

MIAC is committed to tailor-made optimized data analysis pipelines, high impact scientific outcomes and personalized customer service.

MIAC history

1995 established at the University Hospital Basel (USB), Switzerland

2009 associated to the CTU (Clinical trial unit) of the USB

2012 Spin-off as non-profit shareholding entity (MIAC AG)

Today MIAC has a wide network of collaborators in international research institutions, hospitals and industry

>15.000.000 images of 11.000 patients in 38 trials analyzed

Combined advantages

We are key players in image based technology

We combine multidisciplinary expertise

We use the latest research developments and technologies to innovate