Pilot study

Adding value to your R&D process

Imeka works closely with pharmaceutical companies as our team builds on strong foundations with its collaborators.

To kick start a healthy and productive rapport, we suggest beginning with a pilot study. Then, when included in actual clinical trials, we can hit the ground running with genuine insight.

One of our main strengths is our capability to use legacy data, or to start off with a hypothesis established with you and built on public databases.

Another strong point; our technology. It is another unique in its capacity to allow for neuro-inflammation imaging in the white matter that is compatible with low acquisition cost data.

Imeka has the infrastructure and the expertise to process large amounts of data in a short amount of time, while being able to answer questions that no other company can.

Here’s our plan, let’s start off by building a work relationship during a pilot, where our work would be included as an experimental endpoint, then we could move forward as an actual endpoint in phase II and III clinical trials.

Imeka’s plan of action for optimal collaboration during clinical trials:

1. Pilot in a clinical study – > Experimental endpoint

2. Clinical trial (phase I or II) – > Secondary endpoint

3. Clinical trial (phase I or III) – > Secondary endpoint