Neurology & clinical practice

Powerful tools for diagnosis and follow-up

Neuroinflammation is a topic whose relevance is undeniable. Imeka brings the ultimate imaging solutions to assess not only neuroinflammation, but other white matter-related ailments as well.

Imeka can help healthcare professionals in the neurological and clinical fields by providing meaningful tools for better diagnostics and enhanced patient follow-up. Our imaging software is the only one in the world to assess white matter microstructure in vivo, hence our desire to spread this technology.

We are currently working with pharmaceutical companies to help them bring drugs to market and our goal is to play an ever-increasing role in providing better imaging tools to the clinical market.

Do your responsibilities include trials, peer discussions or advisory boards?

Reach out to our team, we want to be a part of the solution that will bring the best tools in your hands. Imeka wishes you to try, test and even help us improve our tools, reach out if this resonates with you.