Drug development & research

A unique approach makes for a unique outlook

Imeka is the ideal collaborator to work with when it comes not only to neuroinflammation as a marker of brain disease, but to all types of brain disease and disorders as well.

We are the only company that offers image processing of white matter microstructure, including free-water imaging  which can help understand neuroinflammation in the whole white matter and specific white matter bundles.

With 15 years spent on the science alone, and 7 of those years working in a commercial capacity to develop the technology, Imeka has many success stories to share.

If your project or trial calls for looking at white matter, Imeka is the team to reach out to.

We bring the best of a cutting-edge research lab coupled with the flexibility and reliability of a company.

Our specific tools are ideal for work in various areas:

  • Alzheimer’s (white matter microstructure, neuroinflammation, white matter hyperintensity, fiber tractography and bundling
  • Parkinson’s (neuroinflammation, fiber tractography and bundling)
  • Multiple sclerosis (lesion segmentation, fiber tractography and bundling)

Our ongoing projects also include other neurodegenerative diseases, mood disorders and schizophrenia.

Generate imaging for your clinical trial today

Turn to us for reliability and consistency, we are 21CFR-part 11 compliant and our software is fully automated. Our extensive quality control protocol is applied to all images that go through our processing pipeline.

On top of image processing, we offer:
  • Imaging site qualification for diffusion MRI
  • Imaging protocol design
  • Statistical analysis
  • Reporting

Legacy data

With a limited number of directions of acquisition, we can extract significant information from data acquired in the past. Past projects have been completed with ADNI database, from which we have extracted information; something that had never been done before.

If you are conducting or planning a clinical trial, and the image acquisition protocols are based on ADNI or PPMI and already set, or if you are using another public database, Imeka can work with the data.

On the fast track

Our acquisition sequences for high-quality diffusion MRI processing is quite short, as little as 5 minutes, never exceeding 10 minutes.

Cost efficient, without cutting corners

Adding quality image acquisitions for white matter microstructure, fiber tractography and fiber bundling can be done at almost no extra acquisition cost.

In order to streamline our service to you, we have optimized our image acquisition sequences and image processing to be able to accommodate Siemens, GE, Philips MRIs, 1.5T and 3T.

In other words, any pilot study is scalable to any MRI in the world, simplifying your next phase III study.