Our team

The brains behind Imeka

Imeka was created to help researchers get the most out of medical imaging.

Ever since the very beginning, our growing team has been dedicated to the advancement of medical research through images of unparalleled quality and complementary services that always go beyond.

Maxime Descoteaux

Founder & CSO

Maxime received a Ph.D. from the INRIA Sophia-Antipolis and did a post-doctorate fellow at the NeuroSpin, CEA Saclay in Paris, in computer science and neuroimaging. He is a world reknown expert in diffusion MRI and medical imaging. Maxime supervises the science, research and software developments at Imeka.

Pierre-Marc Jodoin

Founder & CRO

Pierre-Marc is a computer vision and deep learning expert. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Montreal in computer vision and then served as a postdoc at Boston University. He is currently Full professor at the University of Sherbrooke working on the development of deep learning solutions to various digital imaging problems. Pierre-Marc supervises the software developments at Imeka.

Nil Goyette

Lead Developer

Nil Goyette received a master in computer science from the Université de Sherbrooke Canada, where he studied video surveillance and computer vision. He created the changedetection.net initiative, which encapsulates a rigorous and comprehensive academic benchmarking effort for testing and ranking existing and new algorithms for change and motion detection.

Jean-Christophe Houde


Jean-Christophe has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science with a specialization in image analysis. He is in charge of managing the dMRI division at Imeka, as well as keeping updated in recent developments, to ensure Imeka stays at the leading edge of the domain. His in-depth diffusion MRI knowledge and experience come from his role as research associate at the SCIL, the lab headed by Maxime Descoteaux, to which he has been linked since 2011.

Matthieu Dumont

R & D Analyst

Matthieu has a bachelor’s degree in imaging sciences from the Université de Sherbrooke. He is responsible for running studies through design, data processing and results analysis. He also participates to R&D efforts in constantly improving and developing diffusion imaging tools.

Jean-René Bélanger


Jean-René holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Université de Sherbrooke. Ex-member of the Canadian speed skating national team, he brings to the company his high perseverance, discipline and work ethics. His go-to skills and his dreams push Imeka to innovate in its way of giving solutions to researchers.

Clément Zotti

Machine learning R&D

Clément has master in computer science from the Université de Sherbrooke, where he studied machine learning for medical imaging. He created the ACDC cardiac dataset conjointly with other researchers. He mostly works on machine learning applications for medical imaging processing at Imeka.

Emilie Gagné


Emilie has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She is a sales representative by trade and has a strong organizational background. She is the real reason Imeka is running as smoothly as it is in the office today!

Helena Mistry

Director of Business Development

Helena Mistry obtained her BS.c in Biomedical Sciences, from the University of Waterloo, and her Ph.D., in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Toronto, in Canada. She then went on to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship at the Dana Farber Cancer Center, at the Harvard Medical School, in Boston, MA., USA. Helena is good combining her extensive scientific background with strong business acumen. She is a strategic business development professional, who establishes and manages relationships for collaborations and partnerships.

Félix C. Morency


Félix has a master’s degree in image analysis and is a former student of Sherbrooke University’s bachelor degree in imaging sciences. He has a strong background in image analysis, technology watch and horizon scanning. He’s been coordinating the R&D effort at Imeka since 2012.